Stop Climate Change through True Blockchain-Powered Transparency

40% of our land is used for agriculture. Make a real difference by helping the farmers who feed us also store more carbon to fix our most pressing issue.

Use Blockchain to Save the World

We at AtlasX have brought together world-leading experts in Agriculture, Climate Science, and Blockchain to build a solution which fully leverages blockchain to deliver a trustless system for managing agriculture and forestry carbon credits.

Saskatchewan, Canada farmers alone has stored in excess of 50M credits by simply moving from tilling their fields to not. Help us reward their contributions, expand these practices globally and encourage new innovative agriculture practices that will help curb climate change.

Carbon Storage Decentralized

1 Atlas Token = 1 gram of certified permanently stored carbon that is hosted permanently on an immutable blockchain.

Carbon Storage Incentivized

The Atlas Protocol democratizes carbon storage and helps to incentivize large scale adoption of environmental initiatives.

Carbon Storage Innovated

Atlas incentivizes the further adoption of green practices that make real differences. Adoption of fully autonomous agriculture is the clear next step for us.

Destroy to Save

Our tokens are built to be vaporized. Companies buying our carbon credits are required to vapourize them on the blockchain permanently destroying them and recording their contribution on the blockchain. Individuals can also get involved and help to vapourize carbon to encourage the storage of more worldwide.

Invest in Blockchain and Sustainability

Purchasing Atlas credits allows you to gain exposure to changing environmental regulations to the development of new blockchain solutions.

Purchasing Atlas credits allows you to gain exposure to changing environmental regulations and the development of new blockchain solutions

How it Works

Atlas runs either a historic province-wide analysis or a present-day analysis of agricultural land using satellite imagery and AI to identify how much carbon has been or will be stored.

Our third party verifiers confirm our analysis and provide the stamp of approval.

We host the data on our servers and connect that directly to our non-voting DAO which creates 1 ERC20 token for every gram of carbon that has been stored. These tokens are initially hosted on the Polygon chain but can be bridged to any EVM compatible chain.

Tokens are sold through our exchange and also listed on all major exchanges such as uniswap and quickswap.

Tokens are Vapourized (burned) by companies who are going net-zero and also environmental investors to reduce the supply and thus incentivize the storage of more carbon and production of more credits.

Purchase or Vapourize

If you purchased your token outside of AtlasX the process is just as easy