Balancing the World’s Carbon

Incentivizing Carbon-Neutral Agriculture

Agriculture must adapt to secure indefinite global food security.


Can agriculture soil sequester an annual carbon storage potential of 2.5 billion tonnes of CO2?

Can we integrate transparency and trust  into the global agriculture supply chain?

Can the current system of carbon credits, funding and climate technology be adapted to a dependable incentive structure?

AtlasX incentivizes and rewards the adoption of climate-friendly agriculture methods and technologies over six stages of evolution.

Carbon tokenization ecosystem for investing, trading and retiring of nature based refi protocols.

Refi powering climate-friendly agriculture through AtlasX Green Funding protocol.

Growing the AtlasX ecosystem with third Party dApps and open source developer integration tools.

Integration of climate-friendly food traceability platform.

Seemless carbon accounting platform with integrated emmission reduction tools.

Complete trustless decentralization integration into global carbon-neutral agriculture food supply.

AtlasX adds seamless trust and transparency to the global agriculture supply chain adding value to carbon-neutral commodities.

AtlasX is an ecosystem balancing the world’s carbon for indefinite global food security.

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